“East Meets West”



Experience the connection between mental health, well-being and the best version of yourself.

Your challenge

Do you want to follow your dreams, but find that your inner dialogue and mental patterns hold you back achieving them?

I know what it feels like to endure pressure, anxiety, frustration, self-doubt, and other factors that may hinder you from living up to your potential.

Past experiences such as trauma, accidents, mental stress, and psychological strain often get in the way of our ability to be our best selves. Sometimes these obstacles surface in the form of distressing thoughts, feelings or behaviors. We may also experience emotional pain as part of our everyday, and life can feel chaotic and overwhelming as a result.

Train your mind as you train your body

Live your best version

Imagine learning to use your mind the same way the world’s most successful athletes and professionals do, to push the limits of your potential and achieve your best self.


When you become aware of your inner, mental processes and learn to know and understand them, you will find different ways of dealing with stress, fear and inner conflict and be able to to break free from old behavioral patterns. You will find unity in your mind and body and discover and experience your own “flow” and your better selves.

Training your mental abilities is essential for discovering and developing your potential and discovering a new sense of stability, clarity and security within yourself.



It is not just talent or luck that will lead you to success. What will do so is your decision to make your dreams come true — and that decision is within your power to make. Let’s go on the adventure together.



Being the best version of yourself takes more than fitness. It takes mental strength, focus, and self-awareness. Become aware of the power of your mental health for your well-being.

Together we will look at your current situation and reflect on those patterns and behaviors you may be carrying from past experiences that may be blocking you from living your best version of yourself.

Together we will explore the body-mind-spirit connection. You will get to better know and understand yourself and your inner mental processes, and to experience the direct connection between your mental health, your well-being and your peak performance.

The next steps

Are you ready to live the best version of yourself? Contact me for a free initial consultation. After you fill out the form, we’ll get to know each other in a free 20 minute conversation. If it feels like a good fit, we’ll develop a program together for a continued collaboration.


What my customers say about me


I have been working with Martina for over a year now and I have already been able to learn so much. Together, we analyzed the challenges that come with top-level sport – whether in training, competitions, or everyday situations. We discuss recurrent thought patterns and try to reframe ways of acting and thinking that manifest negatively.

I enjoy the success that’s come from working with Martina and look forward to our meetings every time.

I enjoy working successfully with Martina and look forward to our meetings every time.

SYBILle, Climber
Martina has the great talent of regularly captivating me in our therapy sessions with a lot of heart and her great expertise.

Above all, she’s taught me that the task for every one of us is to always and again find our center and inner peace, to take always things at our own pace, and to remain true to our values.
Especially, she’s taught me to accept and not to try to fight physical pain – that most common experience in sports! Most importantly, I’ve learned that each thing has the meaning we give it – and most of things we tend to get upset about are meaningless!

Elsbeth, Mountain Athlete

During my illness and its four surgeries, Martina helped me to transform negative thoughts and feelings, and even fears, into positive energy. She immediately recognized what mental strategies I needed. I wish that everybody in my positin could be so professionally accompanied through difficult times.

Silvan, Mountainguide


Yoga with Martina is relaxing and exciting. Her fun and calm manner always help me relax and calm down. I can easily incorporate the additional exercises she gives me to do at home or on the road into my everyday job as a professional mountain guide.
They help me regenerate physically as well as mentally.

This helps me a lot for my regeneration physically and mentally.


Matt, Skiteam Coach

Martina brings a wealth of information and useful techniques to the world of athletic performance and mindfulness.  Her approach provides a foundation for athletes to build confidence, performance, and peace of mind to achieve the state of flow within sports and training, further transferring this to a healthy lifestyle. Athletes and coaches will benefit from Martina’s blended strategies of mind and body awareness to help each athlete zero in on the goals and objectives relevant to their individual journey through sport.


Aita Camastral, Ex-Professional Skiracer & Teacher Talentklasse

Martina is an exciting teacher whose ideas about Mindful Flow have very much enriched me . I can draw on these new and exciting set of tools in variety of situations as a teacher and animate my students to reflect in class discussions. Martina didn’t tell us what was right and what was wrong. Each one of us was encouraged to become more conscious about themselves, to recognize their insights, and to always and again do so. I warmly recommend Martina.